Are you ready to become the strongest version of yourself?

Lu Strength & Rehab provides you with structured fitness and rehab programs to help build strength, improve your mobility along with eliminating pain and restrictions.

Why Lu Strength & Rehab?

The App is Completely FREE!

Download our free app in the app store. The app comes with two free programs (Mobilize your Body and Bulletproof your Body) that can be done in the comfort of your own home with no equipment.

App & Web Portal Accessible

All our strength and mobility programs are accessible through our web portal and mobile app (for both iOS and Android). Programs along with our exercise library can be accessed at any given time.

Bulletproof your Body

Learn how to strengthen your muscles and joints and bulletproof your body. Our programs are designed by strength and conditioning coaches to ensure that the proper progressions of each exercise is programmed safely.

Unlock your Mobility

Tired of always complaining about being stiff and tight? Learn how to improve your overall mobility and flexibility and regain your body's movement and function.

Correct Pain & Prevent Injuries

Say goodbye to pain! Not only are our programs focused on correcting the root cause of your issues, they also ensure that the pain and/or injuries are not reoccurring.

Move Better & Feel Better

Our programs are all made by health care professionals with a strength and conditioning background and are designed to get you the best results.

"My strength and mobility has drastically improved within a few weeks of following the programs in the Lu Strength & Rehab app!"
Back Squat
Joshua Delgado
Strength Coach

"I am so happy to find an exercise program that actually works and is easy to follow!"

Molly Frazier (Fitness Enthusiast)