Acumobility Level 1 Ball



The ACUMOBILITY BALL’s patent-pending design deviates from standard trigger point rollers and mobility balls by including a flat, stabilizing base. This allows the dynamic flexion ball to stay in constant contact with a trigger point as you go through your natural range of motion. No more worrying about the ball rolling out from under you.

The Level 1 ACUMOBILITY BALL is great for athletes of any and all experience levels. It’s made from a puncture-resistant, 15 Durometer Silicone material, and can be used safely on any flat surface for stability work and trigger point release, from the neck to the feet. You can set up two ACUMOBILITY Balls with the flat end up for balance training or right side up for lateral compression work (the spacing is perfect for rolling along the spine). You can also grip the flat side of a ACUMOBILITY BALL and roll the rounded end over trouble spots like a self-massager.

Regular use of this innovative mobility tool can help improve an athlete’s flexibility and stability while reducing common muscle soreness and the risk of more serious injuries. The ball can even be stored in a freezer and used as a cool therapy device.

  • 1 Ball included. BALL DOES NOT STICK TO WALLS. IT GRIPS ALL SURFACES WITH it’s TACKY TEXTURE so it won’t Roll or Slide away. The FIRST and ONLY Flat Based Trigger Point and Mobility Ball! Thats works on every floor and wall surface!
  • Provides MODERATE-DEEP trigger point release. It is less intense than a lacrosse ball and has some give. If you are a beginner-intermediate to mobility work and/or have a lot of tight knots then this is the right ball for you. If you want more intensity try our Level 2 Ball.
  • The Acumobility Ball stays in place on a knot or trigger point and won’t roll away from you! Allowing you to get into a knots more deeply and effectively!
  • We have 2 densities: LEVEL 1 BALL vs. LEVEL 2 BALL. The Level 1 Ball is less dense than a lacrosse ball. The Level 2 Ball is equal or more dense than a lacrosse ball.
  • NOTE: The tacky texture may pick up lint, debris or small smudges during manufacturing process – it can be easily washed off. All balls are sold brand new. NOTE: IT DOES NOT STICK TO SURFACES. It “grips” floor and wall surfaces so it does not slide. It also has a Vanilla scent, that will subside over time.