RAD Roller – Deep Tissue Peanut Tool


Tension Relieving Massage Tools

Ever wish you could see a massage therapist everyday? We do! Which is why we designed the entire line of RAD mobility tools to closely replicate the touch of a trained massage therapist. They provide acute point release and flush out waste materials from your soft tissue to achieve optimal mobility and recovery.

RAD Roller

The RAD Roller is where it all began. Its shaped just right to use all over the body from your neck to your feet.

The Everywhere Massage Roller

The RAD Roller is the most functional massage and release tool ever designed. It works everywhere on you (precise enough to target almost every muscle in your body) and everywhere you go (it’s crazy compact and perfectly portable). Plus, this thing is super easy to use.

  • RELIEVE ACHES AND PAINS. Reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points for an increased sense of wellness and body awareness with daily fascia massage.
  • INCREASED MOBILITY. Improve joint range of motion and myofascial mobility to help increase strength, speed and wellness. For all over muscle use including cervical spine, thoracic spine, glutes, back, neck, psoas, quad, glute, lumbar spine, hip and feet.
  • RECOVER LIKE A PRO. Promote faster post-exercise/workout recovery by rolling out for 10 minutes a day. Recovery must occur before progress can be made, SMR is important for staying injury free and minimizing movement restrictions.
  • BODY MAINTENANCE MASTER. Soft density peanut roller with extra wide spinal recess for deep tissue massaging of muscles, not bones. Fits inside the RAD Block for storage (sold seperately).
  • TRAVEL SIZE. Myofascial release tool for easy on-the-go use at home, the gym, your yoga studio or your suitcase. 5.6 inches by 2.8 inches / 17 ounces.